Bathmate Pump Clinical Review and Results(before and after)

Effective, active and safe hydro pump of Bathmate Hydromax designed to stimulate the expansion of the male genitals.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Review

Many modern men believe that their size of the penis is not large enough to satisfy their sexual partner. Against this background, various complexes and problems may arise in bed.

Bathmate quick facts:

#1 hydro pump
Success rate: 92%
Customers: 1 250 000

Benefits: penis enlargement, erection improvement, stamina enhancement
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (UK)
Min results: 1.2 inch (30 days)
Max results: 4.5 inches (180 days)
Prices:  Original Hydro7 Pump ($110), Hydromax series ($139-$199),  HydroXtreme series($249-399)
Official site:

Reliable and complete information about the Bathmate Hydromax pump can be found in many Internet resources. Typically, this is a variety of male blogs, thematic forums and the official website of the manufacturer of the product.

The review of Bathmate Hydromax quite often can be found on medical sites devoted to men’s health.

Why is the Hydromax Bathmate Pump the Bestseller?

In the modern market, there are a vast number of ways and means, the action of which is aimed at stimulating the enlargement of the penis.

The use of individual water pumps is among the most common methods. In turn, among the extensive range of hydro pumps, the most popular is the Bathmate Hydromax.

Let’s denote the main qualitative characteristics that distinguish Bathmate Hydromax among the mass of similar devices in this Bathmate review:

  • An efficient and safe tool that has repeatedly tested in the laboratory and clinical studies(before and after pictures available). This fact is evidenced by quality certificates, which the manufacturer places on the official website;
  • The pump is made of the high-quality, non-toxic raw materials that are not capable of causing allergy, irritation, and negative manifestations on the surface of the skin;
  • Comprehensive impact on men’s health. Penis parameters are increasing in length and volume by 15 – 25%. In addition to stimulating the enlargement of the penis, a man gets a stronger and powerful erection, which significantly increases the duration of sex. The impact of the Bathmate hydro pump eliminates premature ejaculation and also stimulates the production of seminal fluid.

Bathmate Pump Review and a Range of Pumps

The Bathmate water pump uses innovative technology, which allows achieving higher results in a minimum amount of time.

Quick note
The new symphonic pump and valve provide 35% more power, which is necessary to achieve positive results.

Thanks to the technologies used, the consumer experiences a high level of comfort and safety.

To date, all the Bathmate range pumps are different in their parameters and colors. Before you buy a hydro pump, you must measure the parameters of genitals, which are the base for choosing the device.

Where to buy Bathmate

If you want to buy the original Bathmate pump at an affordable price for the manufacturer, then do not look for the device on popular portals with ads.

There are only 2 official Bathmate stores you can trust:


After all, only an official manufacturer can guarantee the high quality, safety, and efficiency of the pump to his consumer.


Did you know?
Promotional and discount offers are regularly placed on the official website of the manufacturer, which save the budget of the customer.

The specialists of the competent support service are always ready to answer any questions of the client and help with choosing the most appropriate model of the Bathmate Pump.

Buying goods on the official website, the customer protects his rights. The manufacturer undertakes to exchange goods or return the money in case of defects and damages of the device.

Customer Bathmate reviews (before and after)


At various thematic forums, you can find a massive amount of information that relates to the operation, efficiency, and safety of the Bathmate hydro pump.

 Many users argue that after using the Bathmate hydro pump, their sex life has changed for the better. Erection has become dominant and robust, which positively affects the quality of sex, as well as its duration. Men become hardy and more active. Potency increased and signs of premature ejaculation eliminated .

Particular attention is paid to the stimulation of penis enlargement with the Bathmate pump. All men experienced a positive effect of the device, which helped to increase the size of the penis by 15 – 25%.

Thanks to this, men began to feel healthy and sexually advanced. All of the above points have caused a tremendous and unforgettable orgasm, which can be achieved not only by men but also by women.

How to Use the Bathmate(routine)?


Bathmate is an easy-to-use device that helps to achieve the best results in increasing the size of the genitals. The safety of the pump provided by the additional use of water, which softens aggressive pressure and minimizes the risk of injury to the upper flesh.

Bathmate Guide
Before starting the exercises with the Bathmate hydro pump, the user must steam the penis in warm water for 5 minutes.

Next, you should draw water and put the penis inside the pump’s working flask, tightly pressing the gaiter to the pubic bone. Having created the maximum tightness inside the pump, the man begins to perform pumping movements, during which part of the water will exit through the upper valve. The intensity of motion should be moderate.

Perform the exercise not more than 2 minutes and follow a 60-second break. This cycle must be repeated 5 to 6 times. In total, the user will spend no more than 15-20 minutes to perform the pumping.

You can use the Bathmate pump both in the shower and in the bathtub. The primary condition is the presence of water, which contributes to greater elasticity and flexibility of the flesh. Thus, the penis becomes more pliable to stretch the cavernous tissues.

Des Bathmate Work(review)?

You are welcome to learn a short story by one of the users who experienced the operation of the Bathmatehydro pump.

“After I received the Bathmate pump at the post office, I decided to check its effect on myself immediately. I thoroughly washed the device under running water, then treated with an antiseptic. I filled a bathtub with the water and sank into it. After 10 minutes, when I felt complete relaxation, I took out the pump and filled it with warm water. I put the penis inside and perform the actions for 15 minutes, which were detailed in the instructions.

After leaving the bathroom, I saw how my penis visually changed. Its volume and length became large, and the erection was incredibly powerful. I immediately went to the bedroom where my wife was waiting for me. Frankly, we had such great sex, which I did not have to remember since my youth. My wife and I managed to achieve a magnificent orgasm, which came almost simultaneously. The quality of sex life improved while I used the Bathmate pump all this time. And today, four months after the beginning of pumping, I became a delighted person who gets the maximum satisfaction and benefits from intimate relationships.”

Security, Materials, Certificates


The safety of the operation and effectiveness of the Bathmate pump is confirmed by quality certificates that have been issued to the manufacturer in the course of numerous laboratory and clinical studies.

The pump is made of high-quality and durable medical plastic that is non-toxic and accordingly cannot cause allergic reactions and irritations on the dermis.

The water environment also provides the safety of the Bathmate impact that softens the force of pressure, preventing the appearance of sprains, bruises, and other injuries.

More detailed information about the accompanying documentation on the pump can be found on the official manufacturer’s website. If you’re interested to check real penis enlargement before and after results, you should read Bathmate reviews on forums.

To date, the monthly number of buyers of the Bathmate water pump is about 10,000. Over the life of the Bathmate, millions of men around the world have managed to get rid of common complexes and sexual problems.

How to Achieve Maximum Results in Increasing the Size of the Penis with Bathmate?

To more quickly and effectively stimulate penis enlargement in parallel with the use of hydro-pumps, many men begin taking biologically active food supplements on a natural basis.

Plant-based composition additionally stimulates blood circulation in the penis, contributing to the normalization of sexual function and penis enlargement.

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