Connie Larsen, Hawaiian EDventure Coordinator

Connie Larsen, Hawaiian EDventure Coordinator

After graduating from NMSU with a BBA I moved from the Land of Enchantment to the Rainbow State.

I spent my first 10 years on the Big Island working in the diversified agriculture industry. A produce buyer I worked with introduced and encouraged me to try some of the more exotic options available from an amazing variety of locally grown fruits, nuts, coffee, and vegetables. One of my favorite fruits is a lychee, and it’s hairy cousin the rambuton is not to bad either. Another odd one is the atamoya which is a weird looking fruit that I have come to appreciate over time. The thing about this island I will never get over is how fruit is growing everywhere – feral fruit. Here a banana there an avocado and what is that? A papaya, why yes it is.

Persimmon, Banana, Orange, Coconut, Starfruit, Lemons, Pomegranate, Mango…what else?!?

I am a part of and have been affiliated with the Big Island astronomy community for 13 years now. With telescopes owned by the UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Chile, Netherlands, and many other countries our town is quite international.

On a good day after work you can find me running down Hilo Bay towards Lili‘uokalani Park. Gorgeous views and fresh sea air I ask you where else can you run past outrigger canoe crews, surfers, and when in season whales breaching in the bay?!   Lili‘uokalani Park with it’s traditional pagodas and fish ponds makes a great turning point.

I can not introduce myself without mentioning that I love to play golf. The Big Island has so many beautiful affordable courses to choose from. Every time I play I really do realize how very lucky I am to live on the Big Island. My favorite course at the moment is Mauna Lani South as you get to hit that ball right over the ocean, and hopefully land on the green. Gotta love it!

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