IUCN 2016

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress 2016 is now accepting proposals. This year’s theme is “Planet at the crossroads.”  http://iucnworldconservationcongress.org/

EMAPi 2015

There are numerous aliens in Hawai‘i; Scientists are developing techniques to prevent and eradicate the invaders! Check out the recent 13th International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions http://www.emapi2015.hawaii-conference.com/

A Big Mahalo From The Organizers Of The 2014 Hawaiian Botanical Forum

I wanted to extend a big mahalo to team UH-Hilo Conference Center! We had such positive feedback from our participants about the value and usefulness of the forum last week with questions already being posed about the next one. It definitely could not have been the success that it was without you folks behind the scenes supporting us. Everything went so smoothly and what small hiccups there might have been were taken care of immediately by this professional staff throughout the process. Thank you for helping to make this such a successful event.


The Hawaiian Botanical Forum Organizing Committee

2015 Hawai‘i Conservation Conference

Save the Dates: August 3rd - 7th, 2015

University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Campus • Hilo, Hawai‘i Island

Program & Registration

Visit the conference website for details on the program and registration: http://www.hawaiiconservation.org/conference


Click here for lodging options: http://2015hcc.hawaii-conference.com/


Click here for Chancellor Donald Straney’s blog post: Hawaii Island on the map as a world leader in environmental conservation

Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance

Reflections on Event Planning…The 2014 PAES Summit

Pacific Astronomy & Engineering Summit

What an extraordinary experience!

2014 PAES Students - Mauna Kea Summit
2014 PAES Students - Mauna Kea Summit

The privilege of collaborating with the dynamic organizers, students and dignitaries involved in the PAES Summit was beyond memorable! It was transformative, inspiring and heart-warming to participate in this global educational event.

Reflecting on the UH Hilo Conference Center’s role in planning the Summit, always brings me back to the thrust of our work which is embedded in the execution of the details. Organizing the myriad of complex components, and collaborating to bring the event to its successful conclusion, is the hallmark of our work.

As with most of the events we coordinate, our passion for education, cultural exchange, and the unrivaled discovery process, consistently bridges any logistical obstacles inherent in the implementation process. A sense of community and trust readily forms as we work together to achieve the collective vision, goals and mission of the event.

Navigation Lessons - ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center
Navigation Lessons - ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

Our roles, as organizers and service providers, quickly morph into something more! Partnerships, collaborations and lasting bonds of friendship are the gifts we receive from providing support, guidance and mentorship.

Over the past few months, the opportunity to collaborate with staff of the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium and the Thirty Meter Telescope, gave us tremendous pause to reflect on the stellar opportunities we, (at the Conference Center), have to work with great minds, noted faculty, extraordinary resources, students and visiting international schools and dignitaries. The experience instills a palpable sense of pride, honor and privilege about the work produced by our award-winning UH Hilo Conference Center!

Sunset on Mauna Kea
Sunset on Mauna Kea

This global collaboration, with participation from Japan, China, India, Canada and Hawai‘i, has stunning, long lasting outcomes that reach far into the future. The “international ripple effect”, and the lessons learned about working collaborative on shared goals, is a model for the future. Different languages, experiences, backgrounds, environments and perceptions all blended together for the greater good… for the learning process, for education, for science and for the future! It was exciting to see everyone give 100% to the program and to see the student’s passion for active learning.

They, (we), are truly ready to move forward and anticipate the next Summit with great excitement!

Judith Fox-Goldstein, Administrative Director
Mary Ann Tsuchiyama, Assistant Director

Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy hosts Japanese Students with the UH Hilo Conference Center

Five pharmacy students and their faculty sponsor from Matsuyama University in Japan visited UH Hilo from Feb. 23 to March 8 and were treated to an overview the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy. UH Hilo has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Matsuyama, and the program was part of the Hawaiian EDventure program, sponsored by the UH Hilo Conference Center . . .

. . . The students were able to enjoy many aspects of Hawaiian life through the Hawaiian EDventure program, such as tours of Rainbow Falls, King Kamehameha Statue, Naha Stone, Coconut Island and Liliuokalani Park. The tours fit in the concept of the EDventure Program, said the Conference Center’s Sharay Uemura.

“Adding the educational component isour specialty and is what makes us entirely different from the standard tour companies,” Uemura said. “We believe that in order to receive the most benefit from what our island has to offer, the educational component is necessary. Although our programs may visit a lot of the same locations as a regular tour company, the educational component is deeply intertwined. It has not been challenging to incorporate education because our island is so enriched with science and culture that it overflows with education.”

Click here to download full article (page 23 of PDF)

Join the Breakfast Conversation with Hui Ka Ua and Representatives Nakashima, Onishi, and Tsuji

Click on invitation below to download a PDF of the flyer (2.6 MB)

UH System Featured in November 2013 Issue of the HICC Newsletter

Regent Barry Mizuno, Interim President David Lassner, HICC President Judith Fox-Goldstein, Chancellor Donald Straney

The Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce’s most recent newsletter features Interim President of the University of Hawaii System, David Lassner’s presentation, “How UH Is Building The State’s Economy And Helping Our People.”

The Chamber’s efforts are dedicated to higher education which is one of Judith Fox-Goldstein’s priorities during her presidency.

Click here to download the newsletter in PDF (3.3 MB)

2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit

With over 200 participants, the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit took place on October 8, 2013 at the Hawai‘i State Capitol in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

The Aerospace Summit provided an opportunity for State legislators, Administration officials, and key leaders from our State’s business community, the University of Hawai‘i, and the U.S. Military to discuss the status and goals of aerospace-related activities statewide, as well as to explore strategies for establishing public-private and international partnerships that can expand and diversify Hawai‘i’s aerospace sector. This event is was sponsored by the Office of the Lt. Governor, the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs, the House Committee on Economic Development and Business, the Hawai‘i Office of Aerospace Development, and the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES).

For photos and to view the full agenda, click here: http://aerospacehawaii.info/