How to fix a curved penis? The best Peyronie’s disease treatment

Every sexually mature man understands what an important role in his life is played by the size of his manhood. However, some members of the sterner sex know that it’s not only the size that matters.

Quite often, men face such an abnormal phenomenon as a curvature of the penis. This is an anatomical peculiarity of the penis – when erect, it becomes curved. This phenomenon has a scientific definition: Peyronie’s disease.

It does not take a medical professional to recognize the presence of Peyronie’s disease. When erect, the penis becomes bent in an arc-like way. Depending on the individual case, the organ may be bent side-wise, upward or downward, left or right.

Causes of Penile Curvature

Let’s consider the main factors causing a penile curvature to occur:

  • Congenital and acquired hormonal disorders. In the first case, a hormonal failure occurs during the intrauterine development of the genital organs; in the second, it’s about a deficit of hormones during puberty;
  • Asymmetric development of the albugineous tunic. In this case, the cavernous tissue of the penis is closed off. The curvature is directed towards the side where the albugineous tunic is the thinnest;
  • Injuries of the penis resulting from a mechanical impact;
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment using special injections into the penis. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, it results in cracks and scars that contribute to the development of a penile curvature;
  • Plaques in the albugineous tunic.

How Does Peyronie’s Disease Affect The Male Sexual Function And Routine?

If the penile curvature is a congenital anomaly and almost imperceptible visually, the man experiences no discomfort. However, if there are visible signs of acquired Peyronie’s disease, both the man and his sexual partner will feel its adverse effect:

  • The curvature takes away from the length and volume of the penis;
  • It can lead to erectile dysfunction;
  • In more neglected cases, the man experiences pain and a lack of erections, which renders penetrative sexual acts impossible.
  • Also, Peyronie’s disease has a deeply negative effect on the psycho-emotional state of a man. He loses confidence in himself and his sexual capabilities, which leads to depression, nervous breakdowns, and fits of anger.

Treatment Options for Peyronie’s Disease

Nowadays, there are several effective methods for correcting the curvature of the penis. The specific treatment option suitable for your case should be determined by a medical professional, after assessing the disease progression and complexity.

Quick note
At first, the man may be prescribed medications, specifically tablets or ointments for softening the plaques. Injectable drugs may also be prescribed at this stage.

An effective and safe method of straightening the curvature of the penis is through the use of special tools. An extender like Quick Extender ProSizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Phallosan ForteMaleEdge is an excellent alternative to the intricate and unsafe surgical options that are prescribed in the most complex and neglected cases.

Surgical correction involves removing the fibrous plaque. Sometimes the patient needs a cosmetic correction of the defect after surgery.

How to Correct the Penile Curvature Using Penis stretching?

Despite the wide variety of methods for eliminating the penile curvature, stretching devices are the most popular among men. The modern market offers a multitude of models that differ in their price, manufacturer, functionality, and other specifications.

Quick Extender ProSizeGenetics, and X4 Labs are innovative treatment capable of relieving the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease over a relatively short period. The device creates a traction force, which gradually stretches and eliminates the plaques.

To obtain the maximum beneficial effect from wearing the treatment, you should strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Are The Expected Results From Using Peyronie’s treatment?

Let’s draw out a list of the positive results a man can obtain as a result of wearing one of the extenders mentioned above:

  • Correction of the penile curvature, regardless of whether it’s congenital or acquired;
  • Stimulation of the growth of the penis. The user’s penis size parameters are enlarged by 15-20%, including both length and girth;
  • The use of the penis stretching tool delivers a unique opportunity to get rid of the common symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It makes the man’s erections stronger, gives a boost to his potency and libido, relieves the premature ejaculation issue, and magnifies the volume of semen produced;
  • In addition to all the above, the man regains confidence in himself and his sexual capabilities. This enables him to feel like a king in the bedroom and deliver a lot of pleasure and unsurpassable orgasms to his partner.

You can achieve all these results over a relatively short period. The device’s effect is delivered in full if you take a full course of treatment (6-8 months). However, the result also depends on the physiological peculiarities of the male body and the correct use of the device.

Quick note
You should wear the extender for 8-12 hours a day.

It’s allowed to wear the device only during the daytime, as your awareness of the possible unpleasant sensations is the greatest during this time of the day.

Many users claim they noticed the first visible changes after wearing the device for 30-60 days. However, you shouldn’t stop the treatment as soon as the first results show up. If you complete a full course, the positive effects will persist for 6-18 months.

How Does A Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Work?

The principle of operation of a device is far from rocket science. The traction stimulates blood flow to the penis, which stretches the cavernous penile tissues and blood vessels. As a result, the curvature-causing plaques dissolve, and the size parameters of the penis are magnified by 15–25%.

Why Is The Stretching Technique Better Than Surgery?

ExtenderFirst/max resultsPriceMoney-back
Quick Extender Pro14/180 days$119.93 - Value edition
$179.93 - Deluxe standard
$349.93 - Deluxe limited
180 days
SizeGenetics30/180 days$199.95 - Value edition
$249.95 - Comfort package
$299.95 - Ultimate system
$299.95 - Peyronie's edition
180 days
X4 Labs30/180 days$74.99 - Deluxe Value
$119.99 - Premium Standard
$189.99 - Extreme Premium
$199.99 - Anniversary Comfort
$249.99 - Ultimate Luxury
$299.99 - Patriot Limited
180 days

As of today, most men suffering from a penile curvature prefer to correct it through the use of special straighteners. The popularity of surgery has plummeted.

Clinical facts
The explanation is simple: an extender’s mechanical action is more effective and safer than surgical intervention.

The action of an extender minimizes the likelihood of adverse side effects. Surgery entails a difficult and painful period of recovery, during which you can get inflammation or an infection. The expander does not bring any sensations of pain and discomfort to the user. The device features a compact and ergonomic design, which makes it invisible under clothes.

Extending devices come at a reasonable price, which makes this treatment option affordable to men from all countries of the world. On the other hand, surgery is an expensive option that can cost up to several tens of thousands of dollars.

Implants vs. Expanders: A Comparison

Although most men opt for the straightener’s effective and safe impact, there are those who have resorted to the surgical treatment option. Moreover, to eliminate erectile dysfunction, an implant is used for both correcting the curvature and normalizing the sexual capabilities of the male organ.

 The main advantage of a stretcher over an implant is that the former option requires no surgical intervention, producing an effect on the issue externally.  With implants, surgery is unavoidable. A foreign body is be implanted in the penis, which can cause a range of adverse side effects.

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