X4 Labs Extender Review 2018 with New Facts Included

Small size parameters of the male sexual organ represent a common issue affecting many men. The associated emotional distress can cause serious sexual disorders and provoke nervous breakdowns, stress, and depression.

The X4 Labs penis enlargement extender is an innovative development that solves the problem in a natural way. The penis is lengthened by means of improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs, including the penis.

The cavernous tissues are stretched, which increases the size parameters of the genital organ.

Advantages of X4 Labs

Let’s outline the range of characteristics inherent in the innovative X4 Labs penis enhancement device:

  • An effective and safe extender. Its operation has been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory conditions;
  • High-quality medical materials do not cause irritation and allergic reactions on the delicate skin. Non-toxic plastic and high-quality metal contain no harmful impurities;
  • Painless and easy to use;
  • Almost no contraindications;
  • An affordable price, within the ‘economy’ class.

How Does X4 Labs Work?

The principle of operation of the X4 Labs extender is quite simple and similar to most other devices of the kind. The user needs to put the extender on the penis and fasten it with special straps.

You should adjust the metal rods in accordance with the current parameters of your penis. As the genital organ grows, you will have to readjust and lengthen the metal rods.

Quick note
Under the impact of the X4 Labs, the cellular tissues of the penis stretch.

This is further enhanced by improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Over time, the penis gains both girth and length.

Why Is X4 Labs Recommended For Purchase?


In the modern society, people are accustomed to having their desires granted instantly. However, that’s not the case with the X4 Labs. It’s a safe acting device that solves the problem gradually by means of natural stimulation of penis growth.

The minimal number of contraindications ensures the extender’s popularity among millions of men.

Did you know?
To boost the effectiveness of the device, experts recommend that you should take biological penis growth supplements alongside with using the X4 Labs.

How Long Do I Wait To See Positive Results?

For a start, it should be noted that the positive results involve not only magnifying the size parameters of the penis but also a significant improvement in the man’s sexual capabilities.

According to customers’ reviews, it involves a libido boost, stronger and longer-lasting erections, as well as restored sexual energy and vigor. The man is no longer bothered by the premature ejaculation issue, and the quality of his semen improves.

The recommended duration of wearing the extender is 6-10 hours per day. The course of treatment should last no less than 6 months. You will notice the first visible results after 60-90 days. However, do not stop using the X4 Labs as soon as you obtain the first positive changes.

Warranty And Delivery Review

The X4 Labs extender complies with all existing quality and safety standards, as confirmed by the corresponding quality certificates. All the accompanying documents for the extender were provided based on the results of clinical trials. This guarantees the high quality of the device.

The delivery range covers all regions of the globe, regardless of the customer’s residence country. Before shipping, the device is packed in a shockproof box to prevent deformations and other mechanical damages during transportation.

A Comparison Of X4 Labs vs. PeniMaster, Quick Extender, SizeGenetics in out review

The first characteristic of the X4 Labs distinguishing it from the analogs, such as PeniMaster, Quick Extender, and SizeGenetics, is its ergonomics and compact design. The affordable price of the X4 Labs device is much lower than the cost of its counterparts.

 Tired of sexual disorders and issues caused by the insufficiently large parameters of your penis? Time to order an X4 Labs extender right now. Over a short period of time, this device will make your penis larger by 15-25%.  Every user will benefit from its affordable price, safe origin, and great effectiveness.