Best Penis Pump Results(Before and After) Discovered. Water vs. Vacuum

Many men are ridden with insecurities regarding their appearance and physical capabilities. However, few are willing to admit being concerned about insufficient penis size.

Against this background, men can develop serious psychological and sexual issues, which have a highly detrimental effect on the quality of intimate life.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of ways to enlarge the penis: surgery, special male enlargement supplements, training techniques for the intimate muscles, extenders and best penis pumps.

Quick note
However, the most effective method is the use of a hydro-pump.
Compare hydro penis enlargement pumps

#1. Bathmate hydro pump brief review:

Rank: #1
Success rate: 92%
Customers: 1 250 000

Benefits: bigger penis, harder erections, better sexual functions
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (United Kingdom)
Min results: 1 inch (7 days)
Max results: 4.5 inches (180 days)
Shipping: Free
How to choose: Shop by penis size
Prices:  Original Hydro7 Pump ($110), Hydromax series ($139-$199),  HydroXtreme series($249-399)
Official site:

Bathmate Forum Posts

#2. Penomet pump review:

Rank: #2
Success rate: 87%
Customers: 450 000

Benefits: penis enhancement, erection enhancement, sexual power and desire
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
Min results: 1 inch (14 days)
Max results: 3 inches (180 days)
International Shipping: Available
Prices:  Penomet Standard package$127, Penomet Premium$297
Official site:

Let’s indicate the main reasons why more and more men opt for the best water penis pumps(Bathmate and Penomet) of this kind:

  • A high degree of effectiveness and safety. Interacting with the surface of the penis, water minimizes the likelihood of injury. The results of extensive clinical and laboratory tests confirm the safety and effectiveness of the Bathmate and Penomet devices;
  • Ease of use and short duration of one session. It’s sufficient to spend only 30 minutes per day on the penis pumping: 15 minutes in the morning and as much in the evening. There is no need to use any additional devices; the dick pump alone is enough to obtain the positive result;
  • Utilizing Bathmate or Penomet hydro-pumps, the man achieves more impressive and voluminous parameters of the penis. The pumping normalizes the sexual functioning and eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Also, the user experiences pleasant sensations and sexual arousal during pumping;
  • Using a Bathmate water pump, you obtain a visible effect after 14-30 days. However, this is only the first stage. For the maximum, long-lasting results, you should complete a full 6-month course.

A Comparison of the Best Vacuum and Hydro Penis Pumps

All modern penis enlargement pumps are divided into two large categories:

  1. Vacuum devices(like AndroVacuum ) to be used in the bedroom and help to rid of ED;
  2. Hydro penis pumps(Bathmate or Penomet) designed for operation in an aquatic environment (while taking a bath or showering) and help to enlarge the penis by 1-3 inches

The best penis pumps are Bathmate and Penomet. Millions of users around the world have experienced an effective and safe impact of these devices.

Bathmate is an extensive series of pumps that differ in their parameters and pressure. Before buying a Bathmate pump, the user must measure his penis to be able to select a suitable model:
Bathmate Hydro7(5-7 inches) – $110. Click here to learn more;
Hydromax Series(up to 5 inches, 5-7 inches, 7-9 inches) – $139-$199. Click here to learn more;
HydroXtreme Series (5-11 inches) – $249-$399. Click here to learn more;
The Penomet penis pump is a universal device without an individual selection of parameters. Made from high-quality elastic plastic, its working chamber is a perfect fit for all men. Here are the Penomet packages:
Penomet standard – $127 (Force 70 gaiter). Order now;
Penomet Premium – $297 (Force 60, 65, 70, 75 gaiter) Order now;

An important distinction between Bathmate and Penomet is that the first device comes with a removable gaiter. The users can additionally purchase inflating elements and connect them to the working chamber.

The available gaiters differ in density, which allows the man to adjust the pressure easily.


Unlike water penis pumps, the X4 Labs Power pump and the AndroVacuum pump are designed for use outside of aquatic environments. They are also quite safe and effective.

However, you should be cautious with vacuum devices, because they use an air layer that is more aggressive than water and more likely to cause an injury.
X4 Labs Power pumpAndroVacuum
TheX4 Labs Power pump is a vacuum device with a connecting hose and an air pump bulb. The device has been on the international market for more than 12 years.

Despite its primitive design, the best penis pump is still popular among men due to its high efficiency, safety, and affordable price. The bulb for air pumping allows the user to control the pressure inside the working chamber.

AndroVacuum is an innovative vacuum penis pump that runs on battery power. It’s equipped with an electronic mechanism, which greatly simplifies its use. The man only needs to place his penis inside the working chamber and press the power button. This pump is effective at both combating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and stimulating the growth of the male genital organ.

How to choose the best penis pump?


Let’s outline the list of the basic criteria to which it’s necessary to pay attention when purchasing a penis enlargement pump:

  • The type of pump: water-based (hydro) or vacuum. This is the main criterion that significantly narrows down the further choice;
  • Regardless of the type of pump, pay attention to medical recommendations. The effectiveness and safety of the device should be confirmed by objective opinions of medical professionals, as well as by official results of clinical and laboratory tests;
  • The quality of the material is of no small importance for an effective and safe impact on the issue. According to experts, you should opt for devices made of high-quality medical materials. The manufacturer must provide the corresponding quality certificates;
  • Positive user feedback is the most reliable confirmation of the pump’s effective and safe impact on the common male intimate problem. You should look for authentic comments regarding the pump’s effectiveness on the official website of the manufacturer, on thematic forums or in blogs;
  • The price of the device. It’s impossible to give universal advice in this regard because the prices vary greatly.
  • In some cases, a cheap device can be more efficient and safer than an expensive pump. Thus, you should not base your choice solely on the price criterion;
  • With some pumps, you have to select a suitable model depending on the size of your penis. There are also universal models that suit all men without exception. Always read the product’s description when choosing a penis pump;
  • While applying penile growth stimulators, especially vacuum pumps, it’s recommended that you use additional lubricants and oils. They make the process safer, protecting the surface of the penis from stretching, bruising and other mechanical damage. As an additional accessory to your water or vacuum pump, you can purchase a special belt that facilitates the use of the device.

How to Use Vacuum and Water Pumps?

The proper way to use a penis enlargement pump directly depends on the type of device. With the Bathmate and Penomet best hydro penis pumps, you need to let your penis sit in warm water for 5 minutes before pumping.

Fill the working chamber with water and insert the penis. The excessive water will run out of the working chamber, and the remaining liquid will soften the pressure during the pumping session, gradually oozing out through the upper valve.

Everything is simpler with the AndroVacuum  electronic pump. Never apply the device in water, as this will damage the electric mechanism and render it unusable. AndroVacuum is intended for dry use only. The man should insert the penis into the working chamber, tightly pressing the device to his pubic bone, and then activate the mechanism by pressing the power button.

Safety of Vacuum and Water Devices

Hydro-pumps used in an aquatic environment feature a higher degree of safety. The liquid softens the pressure, ensuring an elastic effect on the surface and structure of the penis.

Quick note
Vacuum pumps are also quite safe; however, if misused, they may entail negative side effects, such as bruises, scratches, irritation, etc.

Both vacuum and water pumps are based on the same principle of operation. The pressure improves blood circulation in the penis, which strengthens the erection and stretches the cavernous tissues of the genital organ. As a result, there’s a gradual increase in the size of the penis and an improvement of its sexual functioning.

Additional Techniques for Accelerated Penis Enlargement

Alongside the pumping sessions, men can perform special strengthening exercises that accelerate the penis growth and positively affect the sexual functioning of the male body.

The Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor:

  • During urination, use the PC muscle to stop the flow for 2 seconds completely. Then relax the muscle and let the flow continue. Repeat this 2-3 times per urination;
  • Repeatedly squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor at work, at home, in public transport, etc. The longer the muscle tissue is strained, the better;
  • The Kegel exercises deliver a noticeable result in 14-30 days.

Another effective and pleasant technique for stimulating penis growth and enhancing potency is Jelqing. Its principle is based on the standard stimulation of the penis (masturbation). However, the Jelqing technique is somewhat different from the typical masturbation. The movements of your hands should be as slow as possible. This improves the blood flow in the penis and expands the cellular tissues.

The Jelqing technique also includes another useful exercise: massaging the area between the scrotum and the anus. This method stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs.

The Vacuum Pumping Technique

Vacuum pumping is a common method of stimulating penile growth. The pressure causes an artificial erection, which eventually results in enhanced potency, boosted libido and impressive parameters of the penis.

Where To Buy The Best Penis Pump?

The only place to buy a quality, effective and safe penis enlargement pump is the manufacturer’s official website:

  1. (Bathmate)
  2. (Penomet)
  3.  (Androvacuum)
  4. (X4 Labs Power Pump)

The developer provides a quality guarantee, and if you fail to achieve the promised result, you are entitled to a refund.

On its official website, the manufacturer publishes all the necessary information regarding the functioning and use of the device. The buyer will also find official confirmation of the pump’s quality and safety in the form of certificates, competent opinions of medical specialists, and positive feedback from satisfied users.

Are you tired of the monotonous and boring sex life? Do you think the size of your penis prevents you from achieving the desired heights in the bedroom? It’s time to consider resorting to the effective method of pumping.

All pumps are divided into two large categories: water and vacuum. Vacuum models come in electronic and mechanical (manual) varieties. Every man can find a model that suits his needs and preferences.

To enhance the effect of pumping, the user can employ additional methods aimed at stimulating the growth of the penis. These include the Jelqing and Kegels techniques for training the intimate muscles.

When selecting and purchasing the top-rated pump for penis enlargement, opt for high-quality certified products made of safe medical materials. The prices of different devices directly depend on the type of working mechanism employed, and the manufacturer.

Vacuum and water pumps are a reliable way to change your intimate life for the better once and for all. Keep in mind that excellent sex is the foundation of every strong and long-lasting romantic relationship.

Learn more information about penis pumps here  – urologicalcare.

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